You’ll always know you’re getting a quality product. Guaranteed.

Every single block produced by Oregon Block is thoroughly inspected and tested in order to ensure that we meet the safety and quality standards specified by the ASTM International (the American Society for Testing and Materials).

The ASTM, headquartered in Pennsylvania and founded at the advent of the Industrial Revolution, is now a global organization designed to create international standards for products, services, and more. What does this mean for you? It means that the quality you expect and deserve will always be met with every single Oregon Block you invest in.

You’ll receive personalized service from people who care

Oregon Block is a family-owned and operated business. No matter who you’re speaking with, you’ll be speaking with a member of our family. We’ve built our lives around creating Allan Block retaining walls and our own line of paving stone products and delivering services that go above and beyond what big-box retailers can offer.

You can feel confident knowing that we specialize in precisely what you’re looking for, and share knowledge and experience that will aid you in creating beautiful outdoor spaces for your home, no matter how big or how small it might be!

We have great customer service — we hope you never need it!

You shouldn’t have to deal with the headaches that come with pavers or varying height, color, and quality, or dealing with things like repairs or returns. This has become increasingly common with Big Box pavers and blocks, because their focus is on volume.

At Oregon Block, our focus is on quality. The quality of the products we produce, and the quality of our relationships with our customers. Of course, if you do find yourself unsatisfied with our products, we’ll always make it right, but we’re proud to say our quality control standards make these situations rare.

We’ll always go the extra mile for our customers

Sure, every business likes to say that, but at Oregon Block, we really mean it. Our customers are the heartbeat of our business and the soul of our community. We never want to let you down, so we maintain a real-time awareness of our stock and are available to serve you seven-days-a-week.

When you shop locally, you help the local community grow

When we say you’re shopping locally when you come to Oregon Block for your Allan Block retaining wall and paving stone needs, we really mean it! Your dollars are truly staying local when you work with us. Everything we produce is sourced here in Oregon. Heck, even the equipment we use to make our blocks is manufactured by our neighbors to the north in Vancouver, WA — all made with U.S. steel!

We’re proud to help our customers become paver installation experts!

Though Oregon Block doesn’t handle installation, we love helping our customers become DIY experts so that we can remove the intimidation of making your yard and landscape more beautiful with high quality paver projects.

If you want to create a new light post, patio enclosure, garden bench, outdoor kitchen, compost bin enclosure, or more, Oregon Block can provide you with easy to use, detailed installation instructions, or refer you to one of our trusted installation contractors.

In seemingly no time at all, you can finally have the outdoor feature of your dreams, made with the highest quality pavers and wall blocks available!

Contact Oregon Block today to get started on your next paver and block project!

You deserve products built on a reputation of quality, consistency, and craftsmanship. That’s what Oregon Block believes in, so that’s exactly what we deliver to you. Every time.

The highest quality paver and block materials.
Easy installation.
The best in customer service.
Built for the Pacific Northwest.

Save time, money, and energy by choosing Oregon Block.

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