Retaining Walls

Aztec Collection Ashlar Pattern St. Helens Color
AB Collection Ashlar Pattern Rocky Mt. Blend Color
AB Collection Classics Buckskin Color

Europa Collection Abbey Blend Pattern Rocky Mt. Blend Color

A complete family of retaining wall products to suit your taste

Retaining walls are a necessity on sloping land. Whether you need a wall to give you more room in your backyard or a retaining wall to hold up a highway, Allan Block products can get it done. Allan Block products can build walls from under 1 foot tall to over 50 feet tall with proper engineering. Check your local codes for engineering and permit requirements. We offer many different styles and patterns of retaining walls and we call those styles collections. Here are our collections: 

  • AB Collection – The standard split face block that is seen everywhere, we call it our workhorse 
  • AB Aztec Collection – A new take on retaining walls with a textured more modern look
  • AB Europa Collection – The classic tumbled or antiqued look that create an old world feeling 

High Quality products that will last a lifetime

We strive to always use high quality materials to make sure your retaining wall lasts a lifetime. All of our retaining wall block meet or exceed ASTM C1372, which is minimum strength and quality requirements for dry cast block. For more information on the testing click here. If you wish to view our most recent testing results feel free to reach out and we will email you a copy.  

Available Collections

Each collection has its own line of color options and you can view those on each product page.

Click on the image of the style you wish to view

AB Collection

Standard split face block

AB Aztec Collection

Modern textured face block

AB Europa Collection

Antiqued tumbled block