AB® Courtyard Collection

Courtyard Outdoor Kitchen Color: Rocky Mt Blend
Courtyard Patio Surround Color: St. Helens Blend
Courtyard Benches Color: St. Helens Blend
Courtyard Patio Surround Color: Cascade Blend

Create a natural look with ease

Create an outdoor space designed with your comfort and style in mind. Our versatile block system provides unlimited possibilities. Incorporate custom gates, countertops, natural stone, or pavers as beautiful accents. Choose between two textures and create a pattern with the different block shapes to find a unique look that endures the test of time.

The AB Courtyard Collection includes blocks that create a two-sided, freestanding patio wall with three main components, plus caps. They are:

  • AB Dublin
  • AB York
  • Corner Block

Modifications of the block may be necessary to for your project. Check out the Courtyard Reference Guide for AB Courtyard Collection tips and tricks.

AB Dublin Block – An interlocking dream

The AB Dublin Block comes in left and right angles. The two raised rings on the top of the block allows you to lock the blocks in place without an adhesive.

There are times when you need to modify the block to fit:

  • Where posts/pillars start or end
  • Where an existing structure/building is already
  • Corner of a building

To modify these blocks, they need to be split or cut into one-half (½), one-quarter (¼), or three-quarters length (¾).

Note: The AB Dublin’s angled blocks allow you to install it upside down when the opposite angle is needed during construction. Typically, it can only be done of the top course.

AB York Block – Tapered perfection

The AB York blocks tapered design allows you to create curved walls easily. With a long and short side, you only need to rotate every other block to get your desired structure.

Corner Block – Easy design. Easy installation.

The Corner blocks angled construction eliminates the need for you to figure out the designated top or bottom; flipping it over creates the opposite angle.

Polish your project with caps

Use caps to finish off any AB Courtyard project. You use wall caps to finish the top of a wall panel and post caps finish the top of a post or pillar. You secure them in place with a masonry adhesive.

Note: Two post caps are needed to finish each post.

Base rock materials for building on soil

When building on soil, using the proper materials to create the base foundation for the panels and post/pillars remains the most important factor. We recommend you use a base rock material that compacts. For example, gravel in varying sizes of angular or smooth aggregates similar to wall rock used in retaining walls or a road/paver base type material.

Available colors

St. Helens Blend

Cascade Blend

Rocky Mt. Blend

Available Sizes

Courtyard Dublin

39 lbs

Approximate Dimensions
6 in. x 7 in. x 16.5 in.

Courtyard York

20 lbs

Approximate Dimensions
6 in. x 7 in. & 7.5 in. x 9 in.

Courtyard Corner Block

42 lbs

Approximate Dimensions
6 in. x 7 in. x 15 in. & 15.5 in.

Courtyard Wall Cap

22 lbs

Approximate Dimensions
3.5 in. x 10 in. x 7 in. & 9.25 in.

Courtyard Wall Cap

70 lbs

Approximate Dimensions
3 in. x 12 in. x 24 in.